Laundry renovation in Coorparoo

Putting a new spin on the laundry room.

While we are extremely happy with the way this laundry renovation turned out, our only regret was failing to take a “before” photo. Try to imagine the underside of an Queenslander with an old cement tub, exposed pipe works, rough concrete and dirt. The walls were timber slats which expose the outside area of the house. Let’s just say it wasn’t pretty. Sitting down with our designer and cabinet makers, the owners of this house detailed all of their requirements which we used to design the perfect laundry.

After replacing all the cement, closing off and re-sheeting the walls, the crew went to work on the internals.

The dryer you see in the photo has been recessed into the wall, which saves a lot of space and opens up the whole room. The other side of the wall (where you cannot see in the photo) is a dry box, built around the dryer. This keeps it safe from the weather and critters trying to find a warm place.

Each family member gets their own storage in one of four wicker baskets. This concept was designed in the initial meeting based on questions we put to the clients. Plenty of overhead cupboards, drawers and open shelves is a must in this space, as is ample bench space and excellent lighting. Room for a second fridge for when you need to grab a drink after mowing wasn’t a bad idea either.  Finally, to make it a little fancy, we included a drop sink rather than a freestanding tub.

The end result.

This custom build went above and beyond the level of detail the clients had envisaged or expected.  So much so, the client later engaged Woodstock Cabinet Makers to build their kitchen.

If you’re wondering what you can do with unused space in your home, have a chat with Jack to see how you can utilise the space better, expand or just update to include a few additions.  Send a message here to book your consult.

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