Repeat client’s kitchen renovation a hit in Redland Bay

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Before we get into the job details, I’d like to share a a background story.

We originally built Liz and John their kitchen 18 years ago in Dutton Park. They have since moved on from that property, out to Redland Bay. When I visited the couple for our initial meeting, John pulled out a Woodstock business card which he had kept for 20 years! In fact, the card was so old I had not seen that style of card in over 10 years. Our branding has changed a lot since then.

This was a really nice surprise. Apparently, they were so impressed with the initial job that even through a house move, they held onto the card and gave us a call when the time came.

In the initial meeting, we discussed what they liked and disliked in the current kitchen. We noticed that there was a small, pokey room directly behind the kitchen, which was being used as a small home office. It was separate from the living area and so made day to day living in the house quite disjointed.

We proposed the idea to push the kitchen back into this room. The clients loved it. To make up for the lost office, we built a study desk into the living area, which you will see in the photos below. The end result is that the house is now much more open and looks great.

The kitchen itself is completely fitted with soft close drawers and storage has been maximised so there is a place for everything.

Since the job, Liz has been in contact to thank our cabinet makers and to say that everybody who has visited the house since the job has commented on the kitchen. Stories like this are what keep us in business.

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