Enormous custom built wardrobe in Bowen Hills



Most of our wardrobe clients come to us because they’re frustrated with off the shelf products just not being quite right for their needs. Whether you’re a fashionista or a distinguished gentleman who takes pride in your fashion collection, with a custom wardrobe like this, you can have everything laid out exactly as you want with space-savvy and practical storage too.

The before an after photo shows you just how much work goes into our design and build.  Bit of an improvement, don’t you think?

The before photo shows what was once the foundations of the house, complete with a dirt floor, rough brick work and walls which did not line up with each other.  We had our work cut out on this one.

Prep Work

Preparing the area for the wardrobe renovation occupied the greater part of two weeks. It involved packing out horizontal battens with extremely thin layers of laminate. Using a computerised level, our cabinet makers went about this fiddly work and created a perfectly square workspace. Going to this level of detail is the best way to ensure that the final wardrobe lasts a lifetime.

Final Product

The completed wardrobe took approximately 5 weeks from plans to finished product. Built from American Cheery wood veneer and timber with clear lacquer, the room harmoniously blends sophistication with functionality. Maximising every inch of space. You simply can’t get this with a pre-built wardrobe.


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