Client Story – The Wilston Residence

Scandinavian Style Kitchen in Brisbane


At first glance this kitchen is many things – a bit Scandi, a little Coastal and definitely a nod to the elegant styling of contemporary Hamptons.  But to us it’s much more.  This kitchen is the story of a beautiful family home built almost 100 years ago, a collaboration with some very special clients and a kitchen island that defied the odds (and angles) to inspire a layout that changed the flow of family living.


Our client Amanda admits she wasn’t a big ‘trends’ follower but she did have a project of sizeable proportions on her hands – the renovation of her large Queenslander perched in the leafy streets of Wilston and overlooking the Brisbane CBD.  Home to her family of 6, including 4 grown children, she knew this kitchen was important.  Not just in relation to the success of the overall renovation or the value and appeal of their home, it was an essential hub for their busy lifestyle.


Scandinavian Style Kitchen in Brisbane


Amanda began meeting with several kitchen companies.  Some came with preconceived ‘styles’ in mind, others recommended designs that closed off access from the top of the stairs meaning that anyone coming up to this entire level of the home would need to pass through behind the island while she was cooking – no thanks!  Can you imagine how that would work on a day-to-day basis?  Other companies were OK but she was still not convinced she had found the right fit for the job.

Then her builder recommended she contact Jack from Woodstock Cabinet Makers Brisbane so they arranged to meet for a consultation.

Friendly and professional.  Jack brought an open mind and a willingness for collaboration to their consult.  Immediately, Amanda had a good feeling this was going to work.

When it came to the actual kitchen design Amanda had a couple of ideas in mind – a seperate butler’s pantry and floating timber shelving.  But there was one key item on her wishlist – a BIG island.   It was here she could imagine her children perched up after sports practice, snacking and chatting while she prepped dinner.  It was the main thing that stood out to her from the few magazines she had recently flicked through.  She loved the combination of thick white stone tops with irregular soft grey veining mixed with natural timber that had character and history.  Instantly they had a concept… and Jack had a plan.


Scandinavian Style Kitchen in Brisbane


Jack designed the island to invite access and flow around the kitchen instead of through it.  This involved determining the right angles to work with the staircase design and still achieving a look that was aesthetically pleasing.  Next he created an exact paper template of the island shape and placed it on the timber flooring directly where the finished island would be installed.  The island had been dimensioned to be as large as possible for the space.  The template enabled Jack to ensure the design would work whilst helping Amanda to visualise as well.  Although the quest for achieving the perfect island may have presented a challenge, it was important to get it right.  This vital centrepiece determined most other design choices for the remainder of the kitchen.

The surrounding layout of the perimeter cabinetry was then carefully designed for maximising task efficiency.  Dynamic space was utilised so everything required for individual tasks was available within reach making food storage, prep, cooking and serving logical, streamlined and enjoyable.



Next, quality was key.  While the outside appearance of the cabinetry was beautifully crafted with routed fronts and white 2 pack in a satin finish, it’s really what’s on the inside that counts with regards to everyday use and longevity.  Each drawer was installed with Grass crystal runners, the larger ones able to hold a capacity of up to 70kg each and still glide with ease.  The soft close Blum mechanisms for the doors ensured cupboards were both strong and quiet to close.  Positions for quality appliances like the stunning Falcon freestanding cooker and the integrated Panasonic microwave were mindfully planned, the double bin draw was concealed in the island and the generously proportioned Frankie stainless steel double sink was flush mounted in the bench top.  A pop up power and data system was added to the island so Amanda had the option to use her appliances without having unsightly GPOs on the side or front of the island.  Every detail was considered and expertly executed.

Jack even specially sourced the timber for the island feature.  Where many clients may have preferred a slick clean finish to the edge of their timber, Amanda embraced it’s natural beauty and encouraged these minor ’imperfections’.

The charming duck egg blue subway tiles selected for the splashback were an exact match to the traditional pale blue of the original painted exterior of the home.  They added character and interest to the kitchen; and are a subtle acknowledgement to it’s connection with the residence as a whole.  Above, the timber shelving kept the kitchen feeling open and relaxed as well as providing opportunity to personalise with decor accents.


Butlers Pantry

The other major section of the kitchen was the seperate butler’s pantry.  Fully fitted for storage and dry prep, Amanda now had a huge expanse of bench space, combination open and concealed storage, space for a second fridge and a handy broom cupboard.   Not to mention a fantastic place to shut the door to hide mess while entertaining.  All the shelving is adjustable so she has the option to modify heights if she purchases an extra tall juicer or other appliance requiring a home, or wants to add another shelf in the future.  Another great feature of the food storage drawers is the reduced height fronts so she can peak in to find what she needs without having to open them all.  This is also fantastic for grouping like items together to keep track of food on hand instead of buying yet another extra bottle of Soy Sauce or jar of peanut butter.

As the tree dappled light streams through the open window, a soft breeze blows through from the nearby deck and everything about this kitchen just feels right.  As if it was the kitchen always meant to be designed, manufactured and installed in this space.  A perfect outcome and another happy Woodstock Cabinet Makers success story.

To start your own kitchen journey now contact Jack via the contacts page to book your consultation.


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