Brookfield kitchen renovation months in the planning

When you take the time to really plan out what you want in your kitchen, you end up with amazing results.

We consider this planning phase to be the most important. As the old carpenter saying goes: “Measure twice, cut once.”

This kitchen, built for a couple in Brookfield Brisbane, is the result of around 9 months of planning! Countless details were refined across numerous meetings with the cabinet making crew before one piece of wood was cut. As a result, the cabinetry included automatic lighting, a motorised drawer, soft close drawers and countless other details.

Some of the stand-out features of this kitchen renovation:

  • Sliding pantry doors which disappear to reveal both the pantry and appliance cabinet as seen in the photos below
  • Motorised bin drawer. One tap of the draw panel with your hand or leg and the draw pushes open automatically. This is great when your hands are tied up holding rubbish!
  • Nine lights located within the cabinets
  • Pantry lights automatically switch on when the doors are open

At Woodstock Cabinet Makers, we place an enormous about of value on attention to detail. Sometimes, that means taking nine months to help you discover what is possible and to come out the other side with a kitchen that you can be proud of. Take a look through these pictures to see the finished product.

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